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Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing

Flame Tree Digital understands that small business owners want to invest in Digital Marketing but often don’t have the time or resources available! Valuable opportunities are therefore potentially being missed! Don’t worry we can help!

Flame Tree Digital provides a range of outsourced digital marketing services for small businesses to help them build online visibility, engagement and followers!

Our growth hacking digital marketing services for small businesses include:

  • Digital Audits
  • Social Media Management Services
  • Search Engine Marketing Services (SEO)
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Online PR – Professional Copywriting Services
  • Google Analytics Reporting

Our services will help you:

√ Analyse and understand your business’s current online status

√ Assess your businesses digital strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Implement a measurable strategy for building visibility, engagement and followers

Evaluate results through controls and feedback

Save time and resources through outsourcing


Statistics show that 40% of the worlds population now has access to the internet. Steady increase in smartphone ownership and other portable devices means that we are also spending more time online engaging with content and services such as social media. Facebook currently has 1.35 Billion monthly active users.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2014

Global Statistics on Smart Phone Ownership, Internet Users, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users

Digital Marketing – Opportunity or Threat for SME’s?

Clearly there are some great opportunities for SME’s to actively engage with consumers online but the technology landscape and trends are constantly changing. So whats the best strategy for connecting with customers online? How do SME’s build online visibility, engagement and followers?

Examples of SME Digital Marketing Challenges

Examples of typical digital marketing challenges experienced by small medium enterprises include customer insights, internal digital marketing capabilities, understanding of social media strategy, understanding of online competitors, which digital marketing tools are best for individual business, how to monitor digital marketing effectiveness, understanding of digital mobile strategy.

Examples of typical digital marketing challenges experienced by small medium enterprises

How we can help

Flame Tree Digital specialises in digital marketing consultancy services for small medium enterprises.

With our comprehensive digital auditing service we will review every aspect of your companies online presence whilst also looking at your competitors, your current business goals, your customers, your existing marketing, your internal capabilities and the market in which you operate to review opportunities and potential threats.

The Flame Tree Digital Audit – A Health Check of your Digital Marketing

The Flame Tree DIgital Audit analyses Digital Marketing Effectiveness, Business Goals, Current Marketing, Internal Capabilities, Competitors, Customer Insights and Marketplace

Overview of components contained within Flame Tree Digital Audit

Where ever your business is in terms of digital marketing experience and capability, the Flame Tree Digital Audit is designed for you.

The Flame Tree Digital Audit provides a health check of your current digital marketing and will help you make informed decisions about your businesses future online investments. (read more)

On-Going Management Services – Saving you time and resources whilst also helping you to build visibility, engagement and followers 

Building visibility, engagement and followers online does require investment. With the steady increase of businesses going online its becoming increasingly important for organisations to have clear strategies in place to help differentiate in the competitive online environment.

We understand that not every business has the time or resources to commit to digital marketing so Flame Tree Digital can offer competitive packages to help support organisations establish and maintain a healthy online strategy.

A healthy online strategy involves much more than your website and social media! There are many different E-Tools and tactics which help contribute towards achieving your online objectives.

Flame Tree Digital offer a personalised approach to every customer as every business has unique requirements and challenges.

Flame Tree Digital offer a personalised approach to every customer

No standard “Cookie Cutter” Solutions

There are no two businesses which are the same. Digital marketing strategies that we recommend will be customised towards your individual business, corporate objectives, timelines and budgets.


  • Statistics demonstrate the continued growth of internet users, smartphone ownership and social media usage.
  • These online growth trends represent both an opportunity and a challenge for SME’s
  • Not every SME has the time or resources to commit to digital marketing
  • Flame Tree Digital can support SME’s with a range of outsourced digital marketing services

Contact us today to organise your Flame Tree Digital Audit

Email – info@flametreedigital.com.au

  • How effective is your current Digital Marketing?


  • How well do you know your customers?


  • Why have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

    A Digital Marketing strategy will help you answer the following key questions concerning your businesses online investments:

    • "Where are we now?"
    • "Where are we going?"
    • "How are we going to get there?"
    • "How do we know if we are getting there?"
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  • Why is a Digital Audit good for your business?

    The Flame Tree Digital Audit is your FIRST STEP towards implementing a digital marketing strategy for your business.

    It's basically a HEALTH CHECK of your current digital marketing investments.

    The findings of the Flame Tree Digital Audit will help you make more informed decisions about your future online strategy and tactics.